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How to Send Payment through Paypal

Sending payment through Paypal is safe and easy. Just follow the simple steps listed below...

Step # 1 - Send us an email asking to pay via Paypal.

We are unable to offer a direct payment button for Paypal on our site; however, simply send us an email at:


and tell us you'd like to order the Giant Johnson program and pay via Paypal. We will reply back with our Paypal email address (which is different than the one listed above) through which you can then login to your Paypal account and send $98.00 payment to us from your Paypal account.

We apologize for this added step but unfortunately, we are unable to accept direct payments through Paypal on our website.

Step # 2 - Email us once payment has been sent.

After sending payment, we will need the sender's name in order to verify the order.

That's it! Simply email this information to us at support@giantjohnson.com and we will immediately reply with your username and password to login to our site so that you may access our entire program.


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